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For a research by into sports betting in the Netherlands (in the year 2022), we are looking for various statistics from legal bookmakers in the Netherlands. As we understand that certain figures can be competition sensitive, we are asking for relative numbers rather than absolute data. We hope to use this research to paint a picture of the playing behavior of Dutch players at the legal providers.

What are the top five sports most bet on in 2022? What percentage of all bets are these sports responsible for?

First of all, we are curious about the most popular sports among the Dutch who ever place a sports bet. Which sports were gambled on the most in terms of amounts wagered. So here we do not need to know the amounts wagered. We understand that this cannot be shared. However, we are curious to know what share the sport had in the total. So what percentage of the total amount wagered in 2022 was gambled on the sport in question.

Which five sporting events were the most popular in 2022?

There were several sporting events in 2022, the most prominent of which was, of course, the World Cup. But there were also several major tennis tournaments, appealing cycling races, the European Women’s Football Championship was played, and the Super Bowl was of course back on the agenda. We are curious which sporting events were most popular in 2022 with the sports betting Dutchman. We are curious about the size in terms of total handle (and not for example the number of bets) compared to the total handle of 2022.

Which sports showed the greatest increase in popularity during the year?

Football has been the biggest sport in our country for years, but sports such as tennis and basketball also enjoy popularity. Which sports have shown the biggest increase in the number of bets placed over the past year. Which five sports showed the biggest increase in Q4 of 2022 compared to Q4 2021 when looking at amounts wagered on the sport? And how large was this increase in percentage terms?

What types of bets were the most popular bets at football games? (Top 5)

The most familiar bets, such as the 1X2 bet and over/under bets, we expect to be popular with Dutch bettors. For the study, we are curious to know which five types of bets were most often played by Dutch people when they bet on football matches. Again, the second question is: What percentage of the total number of football bets were they responsible for?

How do live bets compare to the total number of bets? So what percentage of all bets were placed while a match was in progress?

What percentage of all bets placed was a betbuilder bet?

If the sportsbook offers this option

What percentage of betbuilder bets contained at least one player prop bet?

Previous surveys showed that player props are very popular in created betbuilders. We therefore wonder what percentage of all betbuilders contained at least 1 player prop bet.

What percentage of all bets placed were combination bets combining two or more games or events?

In which five sports is the share of player-prop betting the largest relative to the total handle on that sport?

The bet that is becoming increasingly popular abroad is a bet on player props. In basketball and American Football it is very common to bet on player props, but of course also in football. We are curious which sports are most often bet on player props?

World Cup 2022

The questions listed below will all be about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Which World Cup 2022 matches were the most bet on?

We are curious which matches were the most popular to bet on. In addition, we are curious what percentage of the total amount wagered on the 2022 World Cup was wagered on the particular match.

What was the percentage of combination bets compared to the total number of bets on the 2022 World Cup?

What percentage of customers who registered during the 2022 World Cup placed at least one bet after the tournament?

What percentage of customers who registered during the 2022 World Cup placed their first bet on the World Cup?

What percentage of all bets on the matches of the Dutch national team were placed during the match?

Live bets compared to total number of bets placed on the Dutch national team during the 2022 World Cup

Which three countries had the most outright bets placed on them before the tournament began?

Again supplementary: what percentage of all outright bets on the 2022 World Cup were placed on this country? This refers only to outright bets placed on countries and not on players (no top scorer, but rather: who will be world champion or who will win Group A)

Which individual bet was played most often throughout the tournament?

If possible: Which special bet (Special) was the most popular during the 2022 World Cup?

Which ten players were the most popular to bet on with player props bets? (Top 10)

End of this survey

These were all the questions for our 2022 sportsbook survey. Thank you very much for your cooperation.